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Responding to children’s love of role play, our venue offers a Play town designed with little people in mind. This is a scaled down version of a typical town, inspiring children to learn through play in the most realistic way possible and to be able to explore life in the world around them.


Our Little Peeps Town features the following bespoke play booths which resemble the very same places we visit on a daily basis:


A supermarket, Medical Centre, Police station, Café/diner, Theatre, Fire station, Post office, Construction site, Picnic area and a ring road with a number of attractions that kids will meet along the way!


Our Play Town is recommended for ages between 1 to 7 years old. Each play session is 90 mins long and all children must be accompanied by an adult. We also have a lovely adjoining tea room by Flora’s in which parents can sit back and relax while their children play away, sipping on warm coffee and snacking on some of our yummy treats.

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